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Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok, Thailand

Welcome to Thailand’s Big Strategic Move conference

“Thailand’s Big Strategic Move”, an exclusive platform for global institutional investors to gain knowledge and update information on the government’s vision, key strategies and key macro issues by Economic Ministers team and prominent keynote speakers. This conference comes up with an objective to highlight on key strategic plan initiatives by the government to transforming Thailand to the innovation-driven economy under the vision of Thailand 4.0 and to emphasize SMEs & Startup, Connecting to CLMV and Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) topic. This conference will bring 500 attendees from top international fund managers and institutional investors from USA, Europe and Asia, international media, top executives from Thai listed companies, and top policy makers from the government. It promises to be one of the most comprehensive Thai investment conferences ever.

The new policy diagram

Insights message from leading government agencies regarding how post-election Thailand will galvanize confidence and elevate ease of doing business for the private sector. Session will involve vision and foresight for Thailand to redefine competitiveness through new policy paradigm and provincial driven development scheme."

"Explore untapped opportunities of ASEAN/CLMV connectivity and how Thailand as a connector will help jump-start business ecosystem in the region. Evolving around first-hand experiences from many top Thai executives on leveraging "regional value proposition" and how Thailand's infrastructure will accelerate the regional integration."

ชวนน้องๆ ประถม-อุดมศึกษา ส่งผลงานประกวดแสดงความสามารถทางดนตรีอย่างสร้างสรรค์ เปิดรับเครื่องดนตรีทุกชนิดที่ไม่ใช้ไฟฟ้าและขับร้อง ชิงรางวัลรวมกว่า 1.8 ล้านบาท

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